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Peggy Gou —

Peggy Gou 페기 구

Gudu Records is an independent record label founded and operated by Peggy Gou, releasing cutting edge dance music from some of the world’s most unique artists.

Mogwaa - From Above [EP]

Hiver — Wave Sliding [EP]

Brain de Palma — Purple Brain [EP]

Peggy Gou — I Go (Remixes)

Riff — Jack's Jive

Dea — Glazer Drum [EP]

Peggy Gou — I Go

Peggy Gou — Nabi (feat. OHHYUK)

Brain De Palma — Call Me By Your Nail [EP]

Maurice Fulton — Earth [EP]

JRMS — Bullseye [EP]

DMX Crew — Don’t You Wanna Play? [EP]

Peggy Gou — Moment [EP]